> the day I am supposed to have my conversation session is coming: where am I supposed to go once I get to Salaborsa library?
in Salaborsa main hall, you have to find the table where your volunteer is waiting for you. There are two tables (look at the pictures enclosed): the first table is right outside the cafeteria, next to the emergency exit, the other one is next to the escalator. Each of them displays a clear sign where the mother language of the volunteer is indicated. Just choose your language and make your presence known to the volunteer. Please report any problem to the info desk in the same hall.
Attention: At any time you could be requested to show the confirmation email that confirms your reservation. You will receive it before your session. Keep it available (also in electronic form: remember that in Salaborsa you can easily connect to wifi) for the duration of the conversation.

> what if I need to cancel?
you must do it online and at least 24 hours in advance: all you have to know in order to cancel is enclosed in the confirmation you receive via mail at the end of the reservation process.
You are allowed to cancel less than 24 hours in advance only twice every 3 months, otherwise you will be excluded from the service.
If you do not show up and you did not cancel your sessions, you can consider yourself out of the programme: every other session you might have reserved is automatically canceled.
We remind you that you accepted this rules automatically by booking online

> what if I have an issue/problem not listed here above or here?
You can write an email to, but please note that we do not accept cancellations or last minute notifications via mail.


la postazione fuori dalla caffetteria/bar
the table in front of the cafeteria


la postazione vicino alle scale mobili
the table next to the escalator